Orac Coving and Mood Lighting

Bring your interior seamlessly together with a choice of practical, yet beautiful designer coving and indirect lighting. Our selection helps to match both traditional and modern interiors
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Orac decor curtain profiles and decorative coving

Orac Coving and Mood Lighting

Orac coving, cornice, indirect lighting and decorative elements bring an element of luxury to every home. Due to their versatile design they can compliment both traditional as well as modern interiors. 

The indirect or mood lighting is a perfect way to set the scene not only for your guests but also for a romantic dinner for two. 

About Orac

Orac is a British company with 40 years of experience in creating decorative elements for interior design. Their products are held to the highest industry standards ensuring that every project you use them for will become a success. At Langley’s we have worked with Orac for a number of years to create truly stunning interiors for our clients. They all found the product very pleasing, what can be seen in our testimonials section.

Orac Decor on Display

Orac products can be viewed in our showroom, where we have a range of them mounted onto the walls as well as a selection on display. We also offer a brochure with full range of Orac products for anyone that is interested. 


Coving solution close up

Perfect for Modern Interiors

Coving is the more simple version of corner ceiling panels. The simplicity of Orac coving can really compliment any contemporary interiors. Their designs bring a sensible blend of creativity-led function and elegance. With the right choice of coving any room can look more spacious and taller.


Elaborate ceiling cornice with matching wall panels and columns

More Traditional Approach

Cornice is the more elaborate and decorative cousin of coving. It offers more classical rooms a feature truly underlining their beauty. Due to the stylish designs from Orac cornice can also be matched with designer wall panels, columns or skirting to create a seamless finish.

Indirect Lighting

Ceiling coving with a concealed indirect lighting

For Setting the Mood

Indirect lighting or mood lighting is a perfect addition to any interior. It offers you an opportunity to control atmosphere and set the ambience of the room. Indirect lighting does not need to replace traditional lighting sources but can create extra layers of light. It can be used to underline features of the room like art or simply as an interesting background.

Decorative Elements

Wall columns detailing

The Perfect Add-On

Decorative elements mounted onto the walls or the ceiling can help to bring out the character of any space. Orac offers a range of modern and traditional features like ceiling roses, wall panels, pillars or columns. The range of their designs makes matching it with skirting and coving or cornice a breeze. Browse through our gallery for inspiration.

Orac Photo Gallery

See Orac coving and cornice in our showroom

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