Award winning global leader in sanitary products. Swiss precision used to create the finest bathroom pottery and equipment.
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Geberit rectangular, modern sink in white - look from above


Geberit is rooted strongly in sustainability and improving the quality of life of its customers. 

As a European leader in sanitary products, Geberit provides its customers with luxury bathroom solutions and ceramics. Their award winning designs compliment beautifully both modern and classic bathrooms bringing the luxurious European feeling to the UK. 

The simplicity and functionality of their designs offer a beautiful addition to your bathroom, and bringing ease and beauty to their sanitary products. 


About Geberit

Geberit pottery collections bring a fantastic finish to both cutting edge and classic bathroom designs. Their award winning pieces offer simplicity and practicality to any bathroom, creating a sensation of real prestige and luxury. Geberit’s commitment to innovation in design and functionality makes them a global leader in sanitary products and pottery. 

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The Langley Interiors showroom in Bolton is dedicated to the most recent creations from Geberit. We offer a wide range of different products on display ready to view, including their exclusive AquaClean Toilet – the height of modern technology.  

Modern Bathroom Solutions for Your Bathroom

Small geberit bathroom with under sink cabinet and copper bottle stand

Bringing Unexpected Possibilities in Bathroom Design

Ease of usage and beauty of form are the two leading drives of the Geberit brand. Their impressive Swiss heritage ensures complete comfort, while the cutting edge solutions bring you the most up to date features. Regardless of which product you chose, Geberit ensures attractive design, ease of cleaning and useful innovations that will make your bathroom perfect for you.

The Innovative AquaClean – On Display

Aquaclean shower toilet with heated seat and wash and dry function

Welcome to the Future of Bathrooms

Undeniable functionality differentiates Geberit from many other brands. Their AquaClean shower toilet is the height of technology, offering unparalleled features including heated seat, flush switch, shower and dry functions. A beautifully designed product of the most reliable quality. Don’t take our word for it – the AquaClean is ready to view and try in our bathroom showroom. Call for an appointment or more information.

Citterio Sinks and Baths

Geberit bathtub sank into bathroom floor  Function in Top Form

Geberit Citterio combines puristic geometric contours with organically flowing shapes, resulting in an unmistakable design language. A premium bathroom series of products with remarkable originality, designed with timeless elegance and quality. The Geberit Citterio brings beauty of form and effective solutions to your life and bathroom. The series can be viewed in our Bolton showroom 

Useful Bathroom Cabinets

Geberit bathroom undersink cabinet with storage solutionsFind Space for Your Necessities

The individuality of your lifestyle is matched by the diversity of the Geberit bathroom series, with a wide range of designs and smart detailed solutions. The versatility of Geberit cabinets offers not only storage solutions for your bathroom, but also flexibility of design and creation of the most suitable bathroom environment.

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