Carisa Radiators – A Great Choice for any Home

Carisa horizontal radiator in pure whiteDesigner Radiators Providing Style and Substance

Carisa is an Italian brand providing their customers with products of exceptional beauty and value. Their creations are guaranteed to bring style to any room with the unusual, art-like designs.

Creations produced by Carisa radiators are also highly efficient and use cutting edge technologies in order to provide your home with the pleasure of perfectly warmed rooms. The whole company is deeply committed to sustainable development and creates radiators that strongly reflect that view. Therefore, if you are committed to sustainability while at the same time appreciate utility and design Carisa is a brand for you.

Interesting Designs

Carisa offers a range of designer radiators in an array of interesting and unusual designs. With the variety of styles to choose from their creations can easily become the focal point of any room, and set the ambience just like a piece of art.

FORTE Carisa Radiaors

Carisa radiators can compliment any interior: modern or traditional allowing you to select from the range of horizontal or vertical radiators. The brand offers a range of radiators that can really uplift a traditional room. Many of our clients opt for Carisa in order to add a little character to their bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. If you are looking for something more modern and current choose from the extensive vertical range, which offers breath-taking pieces that can add character to any room.

Metal Variety

Using the right metal is crucial when creating radiators. It is also of utmost importance to understand the best application for each type of metal to choose the one that precisely suits your requirements. Carisa radiators use only three types of material to create their stunning products.

Jazz Modern Carisa Radiators

Stainless Steel

Stainless steal is a great choice for radiators not only because it’s easy to heat up, but also because of the ease in which it can be cleaned and maintained. Stainless steel ensures no rust, stains or grime. To really add to its great properties just wiping it with a clean damp cloth will be the perfect cleaning solution.

Stainless steel comes in two different finishes mirror or brushed, both styled correctly can add a great focal point to the room. The material is also a highly efficient heat conductor. It holds its heat well and responds to thermostatic changes quickly.

Stainless steel radiators are popular choices for bathroom where their quick heat release can make a very pleasant difference after a long shower. Visit our Bolton showroom to discover stainless steel radiators for yourself and discuss your possibilities with one of our experienced designers or advisers.

Roni Carisa Radiators


Steel is a traditional and efficient choice. Its’ properties are very similar to stainless steel with quick heating and good temperature maintenance. Carisa radiators offer an interesting and modern take on the traditional material, with elaborate contemporary designs and beautiful shapes. So if you are looking for something interesting and unusual, their creations should be your first go to.


Due to its properties, aluminium is a superb material to use for radiators. It is very easily heat-able and has great heat exchange rates, meaning that it heats the room really quickly. In turn aluminium allows you be more cost effective with your heating by fine tuning the temperature of your home. That allows for not only reducing your heating bills but also gives you a pleasantly warm house precisely when you need it.

Tubo horizontal radiator in black

Low Water Usage

All of Carisa creations aim to minimise water usage while maximising their efficiency. Low water usage allows them to circulate the heat quicker, meaning that in turn your room will warm up faster.

Final Word

Carisa radiators are a great choice for anyone looking for modern and efficient heating systems. Their creations are synonymous with quality and Italian style giving you an opportunity to not only heat, but also decorate your house in one go.

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