Designer Radiators Guide and BTU Calculator

ARTEPLANO vertical designer radiator - ETCHED COPPERAll You Need to Know to Chose the Right Designer Radiators

Selecting a designer radiator can be a challenging task. Skilfully selected designer radiators can become the focal point of any room. With the wide range of styles and finishes available today, you have plenty to chose from.

At Langley interiors we work closely with Bisque Radiators and Carisa, two British companies creating some of the finest designer radiators in the world. Their designs combine beauty and functionality to bring warmth to your home in perfect style.

bisque designer radiators in silver

Amount of Space and Necessary Heating Power

Whether you are just replacing your old radiators, or completely renovating your interiors it is important to consider the amount of space you will have for the new heaters. In case of complete renovation, you might want to browse through our selection, or visit our showroom to see the radiators first.

The radiator can be a good starting point to organise your renovation around, as many designer radiators can become a piece of art in the room. Using the calculator below will help you understand how much heating power your room will require, so you can concentrate on selecting the perfect radiator.

BLOK - TRAFFIC YELLOW small horizontal designer radiator

Calculate Your Needs – BTU

British Thermal Unit or BTU is a traditional unit of heat required to raise the temperature of any space. Understanding the necessary BTU output in your rooms allows you to chose a radiator that perfectly suits your requirements.  Try to select a radiator as close to the calculated number in order to maximise the efficiency and minimise the costs. If the number is too large divide it between a number of radiators to create an accurate heating coverage. The calculator below is a good point of reference, but if you require more advice contact our experts or visit our showroom.

Flow Form - Pure White for industrial interior designs

Room Size and Windows

Most houses have double or triple glazing windows these days, however rooms with large windows still need more heating due to the increased energy exchange from glass. taking this into consideration when purchasing radiators can save you time and money, therefore contact our team of experts, or visit our showroom to talk about your requirements.


Metal Type of Your Designer Radiators

Selecting the right metal type for your rooms is pivotal. It gives you greater control over the temperature in your house.  The right metal type allows you to manage if the radiators stay warm for long (cast iron) or emit the heat into the air quickly (copper, aluminium). Depending on the room you might want to use a different metal in order to achieve the best result.

CLASSIC designer radiator IN reflective CHROME

Design vs Practicality

When it comes to designer radiators important consideration has to be given to the practicality of each creation. Unlike many products, Bisque and Carisa radiators are created using materials that conduct heat  well like aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

The properties of our radiators guarantee the highest energy output and therefore your complete comfort. Bisque offers radiators in standard shapes and colours as well as bespoke solutions for oddly shaped rooms. Visit our showroom to browse through the selection of our bisque designer radiators or contact us to submit your enquiry.

ARCHIBALD designer bathroom radiator in mirror finish - CHROME

The Radiator Size

A bigger radiator does not always equal more heat. Different types of designer radiators offer different heating properties that can be utilised in conjunction with their designs to create a truly stunning interior. There are many designs of radiators available on the market – gone are the days of just horizontal options. Vertical options are proving extremely popular for both style and fitting into unusual spaces. Each of them has their own pluses and minuses. If you require an oddly shaped or bespoke radiators visit our showroom and our experts will happily guide you to find the perfect one for you.  

BLOK horizontal designer radiator - VOLCANIC


Classic and chic, horizontal designer radiators can really change the room. As they are more popular, horizontal radiators can be easier to fit in the pre-arranged décor. So, if you are looking to just change your radiators it might be easier to consider replacing them like for like.


Direct replacement eliminates issues like drilling or plastering. Bisque offers a range of interesting designs of horizontal radiators in any shape necessary. So, whether you are looking to make a statement with your new designer radiator or just looking for something simple that can warm your room, browse through the gallery at the bottom, or call us directly to discuss your options.

ELLISSE - PURE WHITE (RAL 9010) modern interiors radiator


Vertical radiators have became a big trend over recent years. Due to their larger size they are more efficient than horizontal radiators, however also require more space. There has been  an incredible amount of design innovation allowing you to chose from a broad range of shapes, styles and colours. Vertical radiators can easily be turned into a statement and really change the face of any wall they are placed onto.

Deline - Volcanic bathroom radiator


Bathroom Radiators and Towel Warmers

Standing in a deliciously warm bathroom wrapped in a pre-warmed towel is a truly luxurious experience. To create that exact feeling bathroom radiators have to warm up quickly  so that the room gets warm rapidly. At Langley interiors we specialise in creating the finest luxury bathrooms, so you can trust our expertise in providing you with the best possible bathroom radiators. Bisque offer a wide range of  towel radiators, as well as the option to add a towel bar to many of their designs giving you endless options.

Visit our showroom and browse through our wide selection of radiators and towel warmers, to find the perfect one for you.

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