Get Your Home Cosy for Winter

Modern and stylish log burner warming up the living roomAdd a Little Warmth to Your Home

With the first frosts outside it is time to add a little bit of warmth to your home. Not everybody can spark that fire in their fireplace but with our guide everyone can make their home into a warm and welcoming sanctuary.


Light up The Fireplace

When it starts getting cold outside there is nothing like warming up next to the fire in your living room. If you have a fireplace give it a good clean first, bring some logs and light it up to really warm up the space. Just the cracking of burning wood can make your house feel much more welcoming and cosier. If you add a glass of mulled wine and a book, you can enjoy peace for hours.


Fitted for the customer modern log burner with a classy wooden mantelpiece and a stone wall

Change Your Bedding

Fitted wardrobes and dressing table in black walnut with high gloss. Made to measure to fit the bedroom perfectly
Fitted wardrobes and dressing table in black walnut with high gloss. Made to measure to fit the bedroom perfectly

In the summer thin sheets made of crispy cotton or linen allow for a breeze and comfort, but during winter you might want something with more substance. Think about materials with texture that can trap more air than cotton does. Consider changing your bed sheets to a flannel or jersey to add that extra comfort.

If after changing your bed sheets you still feel the cold breeze you can always add a throw blanket on top of your feet. Alternatively, get yourself a hot water bottle and throw it in the bed before you slip into the sheets. It warms up the bed, so when you get in – its all pleasant and warm.


Light up bed with an overhead display and complimentary full wall wardrobe

Cover up Cold Floors

Wood or tiles tends to absorb the temperature from the environment and can become very cold and unwelcoming during winter. Consider placing some soft, thick rugs in strategic places like under the coffee table, under your dining table or next to the bathroom shower.

Those small changes can make all the difference when it comes to cold floor. Rugs have the added benefit of being able to really change your interiors, and used in conjunction with other accessories can make your house look fantastic.


Bisque radiator TETRO - Volcanic (RAL 9010)

Change the Colour Palette with a new Wall Paper

Whites and creams work perfectly during summer, but to make your house warmer and more cosy consider changing them to darker colours. You can paint your walls in burned oranges or other deep colours to make them stand out more and give positive glow.

You can also choose to select some wall paper. Harlequin has a wide selection of designer wall papers ranging from paper to textile and silk to satisfy all your colour and design needs. Visit our Bolton showroom and discover the amazing selection for yourself.

Harlequin wallpaper for winter
Harlequin wallpaper for winter

Pile up Pillows and Throws

Chequered patterns are really in this season. Add a bit of that trend to your house with pillows and throws. Many retailers provide you with almost unlimited variety of pillows and throws so chose the ones that suit you and your interior the most. One of our favourites is the chunky knit throw which is both functional and interesting.

When selecting pillows and throws to add warmth to your home think of something that has a lot of texture. They are more likely to be warm then the silky and sateen ones.


yellow harlequin styling ideas

Consider Velvet Curtains

Besides adding elegance to your home curtains can play a vital role in keeping the warmth in. Curtain work both ways, they trap the warm air inside while not letting the cold air get to the room from the window. Using thicker curtains prevents more air from finding its way to your home. Due to its volume velvet is a really good material for temperature regulation. You can also choose other materials but keep in mind that the thickness of the material is directly related to how well it insulates heat.


Cream and walnut high gloss bedroom with a light up sunken headboard

De-clutter and Uplift Your Bedroom

If you are looking for a slightly bigger change than couple of throws you can give your house an uplift by changing the bedroom furniture. At Langley interiors we design bespoke furniture perfectly to the client’s requirements. Whether what you need is a run of wardrobes that can provide you with space to store all your throws and necessities, or looking for a full remodel to make your bedroom more welcoming contact us to discuss your options or visit our bedroom showroom in Bolton to speak to one of our advisers.


Spot lights designed into sunken in head board

Add Soft Lighting

During winter natural light is pretty scarce, so in order to maintain the right balance add some soft lighting to your home. A mixture of free-standing floor lamps as well as table and desk laps can help you add warm ambience to the room. Use milky led bulbs and create a nice warm sensation in your bedroom or living room.

Furthermore, with the enormous variety in designs of lamps and their shades you can make an impact by adding colours or prolong the current ambience by keeping to the same style. We recommend buying nice simple lamps and couple more interesting shades so you can mix and match to create the result that you like the most.

Add New Aromas

Many of us love the crispy scents of fresh linen, but during winter your hone can really benefit from something more enveloping and warm. Look for scents like patchouli, amber, ginger, leather, pine, smoke or anything woody, it will give your home a nice autumn aroma. If you are not afraid of the cliché you might opt for orange and cinnamon. You can find many scented candles in most home ware stores so just keep an eye out for the ingredients that you like most.


Master bathroom villeroy and boch sink with hansgrohe taps on high gloss black worktop

Add a Bit of Heat with New Radiators

Many people see radiators as an unpleasant necessity, but those are the days of the past. Radiators changed from uninteresting warming boxes to extravagant works of art that help you maintain the right temperature. Changing radiators in your living room can not only make it more energy efficient but also add a focal point to the room. If you need to calculate your room heating requirements use our BTU calculator and use our designer radiator guide to find your way through to your perfect radiator.

ARTEPLANO vertical designer radiator - ETCHED COPPER

Add Kitchen Linens

Table cloths can make a lot of difference during the cold months. Adding a layer to protect your hands from the cold table top can make it more welcoming. That little bit of textile can make all the difference when it comes to dining in comfort during winter, but it can also bring some colour to your home.

Select a thicker cotton table cloth instead of linens or viscose if you want it to feel warmer. And if you are following our advice on adding a fluffy carpet underneath your dining table, you can match or contrast its colours with your table cloth to create an interesting effect.

Warm Memories on Display

To get warm on the inside as well on the outside place your best holiday memories and family pictures on display. Decorating your house with pictures will not only remind you of those fantastic times but it will also create a cosier feeling by breaking up cold spaces. Think of interesting picture frames that can brighten up the space. Similarly to painting walls picture frames are a great way to add a touch of colour to your home.

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