Modern TV units for the Modern Home

Lounge furniture to suit the challenges of new technology

The way we live in our homes and how we like to entertain and be entertained has made some radical transformations over the last few years.  We are all choosing to spend more time in the comfort of our homes and use lots of different types of media to keep us entertained. 

No more are video games the domain of the teenager and Man-boy(!).  Games consoles have become very much an interactive and inclusive pursuit that allow the whole family to get involved. With the anniversary of the ‘Wi’ and ‘X-box Kinect’ has emerged a very different type of gaming – one where the whole family get involved and play together in the living room.  The emergence of kinetic games also means that there is equipment that needs to be on show to be used properly and cannot just be bundled away in a cupboard and hidden from site.

Lots of people now are opting for ‘Media walls’ and the next generation of modern TV units. As with all Langley Interiors furniture, each media wall is made to measure and incorporates the aspects of storage solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.  Lots of people opt to include their TV as a wall hung option now that flat screen TV’s have become widely available.  There are also storage options available for CD’s, DVD’s, books, palm top computers and music systems.

This beautiful white high gloss example shows a Wall mounted flat screen TV with CD and DVD storage, room for a games console with the lead integrated to allow for ease of play, and a built in Speaker cabinet with beautiful white finish material.  There is also a push system incorporated for the doors and drawers for a really modern and clean look.

This white gloss media unit is quite similar with a lot of its features, including a games console storage, speaker cabinets and white speaker material. It does however, include display cabinets with spot lights to allow ornaments to be displayed; a fantastic mix of the modern with traditional elements.

If a high gloss modern look isn’t to your taste, then you can always opt for something on the more traditional side with real wood veneers, book storage and display cabinets once again.

Each piece of furniture is made to measure around your individual requirements.  As well as full media walls, we do offer free standing TV units in a range of finishes and sizes.  Each is built to the same standard of Langleys quality and to suit your taste and lifestyle.

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