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Wet RoomCreating a Wet room The Easy Way

Want to know how to create the ultimate bathroom wet room but worried about costs and possible complications? Relax and take a look at our guide – it’s not as hard as you might think.

Shower Flooring – Wet room Problems and pitfalls

In years gone by the only option if you wanted to create a large shower area was to make a wet room floor. In affect tiling the floor after tanking the area.  This can cause a lot of mess and trouble.

We have many clients who come to us following problems they have had with leaking wet room floors that have cracked or leaked over time. Tiles inherently have gaps and meeting points, and grouting is naturally porous. Over time grout will deteriorate and need upkeep to ensure it remains water tight. If it isn’t then cracks may appear and lead to leaking and issues. 

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Problem solved – Bespoke shower trays

The best way around this is to opt for a custom made shower tray which covers the shower area. They are available in very large sizes up to nearly 4 square meters, as well as shapes to suit any bathroom. We recommend and use Versital bespoke shower trays which are made to the exact shape and size of the area needed. They have a huge range of colours available, as well as matching shower panels and vanity tops.

Shower Tray

Bespoke shower tray perfect for wetrooms

Custom floor slabs from Versital in matching finishes are also available to keep the wet room look through the whole bathroom.

Wet Room Walls – Shower Panels

In a wet room it is essential that the walls are 100% waterproof. To save on messy waterproofing and fiddly tiles with unattractive grouting, choose shower panels. At Langley Interiors we design and install wet room bathrooms with custom shower panels for a fully waterproof and sleek look.

Versital shower panels are available in a huge range of different marble, granite and sparkle colour options that match with their shower trays. This allows us to create a seamless looking shower and wet area without the issues of grouting.  

Wet room

Wet room style bathroom with walk in shower in granite finish

Unlike natural stone tiles need to be resealed and re-grouted regularly (quite a big job when all your walls are covered), Versital does not need to be resealed and will remain waterproof for its lifetime.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great option in a wet room to dry out the wet areas quickly. At Langley’s we offer the full design and installation package, including arranging any electrical work you may need.  Your project manager will look after you from the first design appointment throughout the whole installation process.

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Underfloor heating has the benefit of being completely invisible with no external radiator and heating appliance to clutter up the room.

Simple Shower Screen

You may wish to consider a simple shower screen to keep the other areas of the bathroom dry. There’s nothing worse than a damp toilet seat and towel for the next user!

Although this means your bathroom won’t be 100% open plan, a simple glass shower screen won’t spoil the look of the shower area. We offer frame-less options that will be completely see-through from Aqata and Majestic.

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